Active time

Empower Active Minds with Amely Wooden Wonders
– Where Play Becomes Purpose in Every Precious Moment.

Embark on a journey of holistic childhood development with our wooden products for an active time indoors, inspired by the principles of Montessori and Pikler learning methods. Crafted to foster independence and motor skills, these purposefully designed pieces invite children into a world of imaginative play within the safe confines of their home or day care center.

Our climbing and balance training structures are more than just furniture or toys; they are tools for discovery and growth. Following the Montessori philosophy, these wooden wonders encourage self-directed play, enabling children to explore their physical capabilities at their own pace. Embracing the Pikler approach, these thoughtfully crafted pieces prioritize the development of coordination, balance, and confidence, laying a foundation for a lifetime of active exploration.

With a commitment to safety and sustainability, our products seamlessly integrates into the home or the day care center’s environment, providing a space where learning is an adventure and play is a journey towards independence and creativity. Nurture your child’s development with the perfect blend of educational philosophy and playtime joy.

Balance Beam

Introducing a balance beam for kids at home, nurseries, kindergartens, and child care centers brings numerous benefits. This engaging activity promotes motor skills, coordination, and balance, fostering spatial awareness and precise movement. The balance training track also enhances core strength, concentration, and cognitive development, while instilling confidence and resilience. In group settings, it encourages social interaction and cooperative play, making it a valuable investment in children’s holistic development.

Pickler Triangle

The Pickler Triangle is a versatile and engaging play structure that offers a range of benefits for children aged 6 months to 6 years. Designed to promote gross motor skill development of little ones, this climbing triangle encourages active and creative play time. As children navigate the various surfaces and angles, they enhance their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. The Pickler Triangle provides a safe and stimulating environment for physical play, supporting the holistic development of young children as they grow and learn through active exploration.

Climbing Arch

The Climbing Arch, a dynamic addition to the Pickler Triangle or a standalone tool, offers a lot of benefits for children. This versatile structure promotes gross motor skill development by encouraging climbing, crawling, and rocking motions. As children engage with the Climbing Arch, they enhance their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, fostering a sense of adventure and physical confidence. Whether integrated with the Pickler Triangle or enjoyed on its own, the Climbing Arch provides a delightful and safe space for active play, contributing to the holistic development of young minds.

Pickler Triangle and Wall Bars, 2 in 1

This Pickler Triangle offers versatile functionality by transforming into wall bars for hanging activities, providing an extended range of active play options for children. Its adaptable design ensures that this climbing structure evolves with the child, offering enduring value and continued engagement as they grow, making it a lasting investment in their development and enjoyment.